Embodied Soulful Living for the New Earth

Inspiration, Love and Support
for stepping into the New Earth

Oracle of Delphine, Vision for a New Earth

Oracle of Delphine, is born out of my vision for a New Earth, a deep inner knowing that we are all here, at this all mighty time in our human evolution, to finally fully embody our soul light and birth a new Golden Age of humanity.
We are called to co-create a new paradigm based on Love, Wisdom, Togetherness, Respect for all of LIFE.
This is becoming possible as we begin to access higher levels of consciousness on a global level.
We are here to Thrive, Love, Create and receive abundance.
The time for struggles, lack, competition, limitations and power games is over.

As prophesied by many ancient cultures, the world as we have known it for ten thousand years, is collapsing.

A shift is happening and many are feeling the wind of change blowing through their lives.
Individuals, from all walks of life, are waking up to the call of the soul, a deep burning desire to find fulfilment, not success as defined by the outer world but a more authentic, meaningful, expression of themselves. This desire to live more fully extend to all areas of life, health, relationships, work, community, finances, family, environment.

Of course, the process of birthing this new world is, as with any birth and creation process, remarkably messy. And we are indeed living through seriously chaotic, sometimes even frightening times (pollution, cancer, wars, climate changes, poverty and more).
However, as the old leaves way for the new, we are slowly but surely excavating all the unacceptable and harmful behaviours ( #MeTOO campaign for example) that we have collectively created through thousands of years of patriarchal regime. No blame, no judgment, no teenage rebellion or polarising attitude, we are evolving and taking responsibility.

So even though, it may be hard at time to feel into the magnificent time line shift that is happening on earth at this time, we must remember what the brilliant inspired Carl Jung said," in all chaos there is an order, in all disorder a secret order."
Nature absolutely knows how to rebalance itself. Destruction and Creation are embedded in the process of evolution.

My own embodied experience of life, for more than forty years, have been just that, a very chaotic sometimes downright traumatic and painful process, other times a rather more blissful glide, to give birth to a new simplified but so utterly beautiful, free and vibrant new life and expanded self.

My Vision and Soul Mission have therefore organically become very clear to me.
I am here to create harmony, beauty, community and to love deeply.
I am here to co-create myself at the level of destiny, living according to my own truth and 
nature's cycles, free from the shackles of the past and the over powering structures of Patriarchy.
I am here to lead by example.

 And with that, I am here to be a soul guide and mentor, a beacon of light, a way shower and visionary for those who are ready to step into the higher vibration of the New Earth.  

In that process, I bring forth my own unique medicine of  being an Oracle, a pure channel to Higher Wisdom, a voice of the soul and the Divine.

I also bring forth my medicine of being a universal mother, offering deep unconditional love and support through the process of transformation. I illuminate the darkest places of our psyche through pure love, alchemising shame, grief, anger and guilt into pure gold.

Finally, I bring forth the medicine of deep feminine wisdom, sensitivity, softness and sensuality. I facilitate the current awakening of the Divine feminine within all of us, including the rebalancing of the Masculine.

Through my own unique medicine, I inspire and ignite those who are ready on soul level to shift time lines and take a quantum leap.
This is not anymore about playing at the edges of self-improvment. It is so much more and so beyond self help.
This is the path of self-realisation and creation at the level of destiny.
For that we are required to step onto the path of Self Mastery, opening to higher level of consciousness.
Welcome to the New Earth!

Many others brilliant souls, Star seeds, Light workers, New Earth Shamans, are sharing this mission with me and supporting the big collective shift.

We are all doing this in our own unique ways, sharing our unique medicine with the world, from the depth of our heart, with integrity, purity and in connection with a higher intelligence. We call this power by different names from Spirit, the Universe, God, the Goddess, the Creative Life Mystery and more..

( If you are still not aware that we are more than our physical bodies and there is an intelligence that gets the acorn to become an oak tree, we need to talk! ).

In this website, you will find inspirations, wisdom and love to support you on your soul journey. You will discover ways in which we can journey together, one to one or together in circles or group sessions.
You will find me shapeshifting, dancing between the worlds, from medicine woman, shamanic healer, Oracle and Priestess, to mum, daughter, friend and lover.

I will invite you to unveil your authentic multi-dimensional Self and Divine Essence.
I will guide you to reclaim your very own inner knowing, ultimate GPS, the Oracle Within.

I will also invite you and guide you to uncover the truth of your heart, you deepest most sacred desires, the seeds of your life purpose.

I invite you to reconnect to your sacred body, the vessel that enables you to fully embody your soul to create heaven on earth.

And I will usher you towards true empowerment, full embodiment and presence. Together, we break through shame and guilt from thousand of years of patriarchy to reclaim and unleash our full sexual creative life giving energy.

For our children, teens and Young Adults 

I am also an advocate for children, teens and young adults.
The younger generations are already tuned into the New Earth frequencies. They will be the creative souls that completely revolutionise the world and for that matter they need a spacial kind of guidance to blossom into their true selves and soul missions.

I offer mentoring and soul guidance for the New Generations.
I also offer 5D homeopathic energy healing and shamanic healing.

So Now, I look forward to the journey together, knowing that you are here to shine bright and live your very own extra-ordinary life.
with love and many blessings.


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