Oracle of Delphine
She Who Knows


2018-03-09 00064

I am that I am, Oracle for Divine Light.
I channel Divine Feminine Wisdom and Higher Guidance.
 I am dedicated to the creation of a New Earth.
My pledge is to lead by example and to anchor higher timelines.
I am continously learning to thrive by living an authentic, heart centred, delicious, kick ass life and by fully embodying my soul, unapologetically and fearlessly.

My deepest heart desire is to create myself by being fully embodied, grounded deep in the earth, nourished, slow, present and to listen deeply to the whisper of my womb, heart and Soul.  I desire living in beauty, grace, simplicity and harmony with the cycles of nature and the universe.

‪I find deep joy in loving and expressing all aspects of myself such as maiden, lover, mother, crone, writer, student, teacher, mystic, soul friend, guide, healer, medicine woman, sexual priestess and explorer of the NEW EARTH. My commitment is to honour all life, to serve for the highest good of all as well as for my own soul creative expression.I truly sense that we are living through an important transition time on the path of conscious evolution and feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be a sacred rebel with style.

I feel a deep calling to explore everything in life as sacred and holly. For that I feel a greart devotion to the path of motherhood which teaches me to be humble, patient, devoted and present like nothing else can do.
‪It will be no surpirse that I also have a deep calling to support children, teenagers and young adults in their life path. I have a vision for the younger generations to acess their creative fire, stay turned on by life by understanding the nature of holistic sexuality. I have a vision for another type of education where we teach them how to develop self-mastery  and soul mastery to harness the power of the mind and create the fondation for a new world.

I am here to serve LOVE

 My Wild, Authentic, Sacred Self

I am that I am

A Spark of the Divine,

My soul expresses herself as

Oracle of Light

Mistress of Mysteries

Shamanic Sexual Priestess

Medicine Woman


Sacred Lover

Truth Warrior

Ascension Guide


Dancer and Writer

Mama Bear



2018-03-09 00094

Trainings & Qualifications

non exhaustive

  • Layla Martin - Sex; Love and relationship coaching training- current
  • Her mystery School with Jumana Sophia
  • Luminary with Soul Alchemist Samiel Carolina
  • Tantra Priestess school with Sofia Sundari
  • Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring TM accreditation from Alana Fairchild
  • Shamanic Training with author and teacher Imelda Almvqvist
  • Shamanic Studies at the Sacred trust - England
  • Master of Meditation, Soulcentre, Singapore
  • Three Principles Professional Training, Ian Watson, London
  • Trust Your Vibe Certified Practitioner with Sonia Choquette, London
  • BSc in Homeopathy from Middlesex University
  • MSc in Finance, Strathclyde University, Scotland
  • Master in Business, EM-Lyon, France
  • BSc in Monetary Economics, University Paris- Dauphine

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