Oracle of Delphine
She Who Knows


 My Wild, Authentic, Sacred Self

I am that I am

A Spark of the Divine,

My soul expresses her  fragrance as

Mistress of Mysteries
Shamanic Priestess
Oracle of Deep Feminine Wisdom


Sacred Lover
Truth Warrior

Mama Bear
Teacher & Ascension Guide

I am in service of Love and in devotion to HER

I am here to heal and restore the Feminine within men and women

I support the creation of a New Earth.

My pledge is to lead by example,

 to live a yummy delicious kick ass life

to restore my soul to her full expression,

 unapologetically and fearlessly

lighting up the way and your soul.


 And if you want a little bit more of my story it goes like that:

In this life, my soul entered the earthly realms on a Sun-day at sunrise, on the Spring Equinox, in the South of France, under the bright Azur blue sky of the Mediterranean.

I emerged between the dreamy watery realm of the Pisceans and the fiery passionate world of the Aries, with a sacred purpose, to re-awaken the ancient feminine wisdom, star magic and healing abilities that my soul had been carrying for a very long time.

Although this may feel like a beautiful mission and an extra-ordinary gift to carry within, the path of re-member-ing is not for the faint hearted and has required all the courage and eternal spark of life that is said to be bestowed to the sign of the Ram.

And so it is, that my life has been filled with many initiations that have required to surrender to the burning fire of deep transformation in order to alchemise very old wounds, fears and traumas.

I came in here to walk the path of the wounded healer, to restore my essential self to its fullest expression, without any fear that I would die or be persecuted for who I truly am and to transcend any anger, resentment or wrongdoing that I may have carried with me from the past.

Reclaiming the Woman of Light and Wisdom, the Visionary, Mystic, Oracle, Shamanic Priestess and Feminine Healer, has taken much hard work and dedication, faith in the process, surrender to not knowing, forgiveness, patience, loving-kindness and humility.

This is an-ongoing journey, which spirals into the mystery of life and takes me deeper into unknown territories where the power of Love and the light of my higher soul have become my true compass.

Oracle of Delphine

 Know Thyself 

Embodying my Oracle

allowed me to connect with unconditionally loving Higher Guidance

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2018-03-09 00094

Divine Feminine Awakening

Meeting my Wild Self

For so long, the world felt so restrictive to my soul, until the day I realised the power of the Feminine within me and started to unleash my wild self

Trainings & Qualifications

  • Her mystery School with Jumana Sophia
  • Luminary with Soul Alchemist Samiel Carolina
  • Tantra Priestess school with Sofia Sundari
  • Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring TM accreditation from Alana Fairchild
  • Shamanic Training with author and teacher Imelda Almvqvist
  • Shamanic Studies at the Sacred trust - England
  • Master of Meditation, Soulcentre, Singapore
  • Three Principles Professional Training, Ian Watson, London
  • Trust Your Vibe Certified Practitioner with Sonia Choquette, London
  • BSc in Homeopathy from Middlesex University
  • MSc in Finance, Strathclyde University, Scotland
  • Master in Business, EM-Lyon, France
  • BSc in Monetary Economics, University Paris- Dauphine

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