Embodied Soulful Living for the New Earth

I am an Idealist

I am an Idealist

I take full responsibility for it.

I dont want it to be any other way.

I am an idealist, 

that is what others will call you if you chase your dreams.

that is what others will want you to be when they won’t dare to imagine that there is a life beyond all the fears and worries that seem to come with your circumstances, your personality, your body type, your relationships, your family commitments, your country’s politics, your cultural expectations, your financial statement and other perceived limitations.

I am an idealist.

I am at odds with the current structures that the modern world is built upon.

I don’t need to reject anything, I don’t need to polarise and project anger and grief on some evil out there.

I certainly don’t feel like I fit in but I know totally that I belong.

And I don’t want it any other way.

I am an idealist.

How did the world ever change and evolve, if it were not for those who dared to dream, imagine and envision something different?

I am an idealist.

I will continue to chase my dreams of a world that thrives on love and trust. I will continue to want to educate my children with what feels true to my heart, I will continue to want to create the depth of intimacy that defies all cultural norms of intimate relating, I will continue to be moved by the Goddess in every possible way.

I will continue to get up and try again and again to experiment with my life, to be muddy and messy, make mistakes and cry profusely when I feel am getting nowhere and getting it all wrong. 

But I am an idealist, and I don’t want it to be any other way because there would be nothing worse to me than to stay wondering what if…?… and not  jumping beyond the question mark to find out the answer…

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