Embodied Soulful Living for the New Earth

Soul Sessions

Are you ready to journey with me?

If you are, you are most likely ready or longing to live your life more fully. And by that I mean, in your own terms and in line with your deepest values. it is not that you don't appreciate the gifts and blessings that are already there for you, or that you can't make it work.. It is something deeper, an itch, a longing, an inner knowing, something that does not leave you alone.

Maybe you dream of more flexibility in your work and more time with your loved ones. Maybe you dream of travelling and discovering new cultures, maybe you dream of writing, dancing, singing, living in nature or creating a conscious business, a community or a beautiful home. Maybe you dream of more financial abundance doing something you truly love..Maybe you dream of a relationship that meets you on all level. Or it could be longing for health and vitality to a completely different level, deep self love, radiance, sensuality, beauty, joy.

It is certainly not because what you have is not enough, but more that you feel like it could be so much more wild, free and beautiful.

You may  feel guilty at times for wanting more or wonder if there is anything wrong with you for not being satisfied. You may have been on a path of self-improvement, worked on yourself a lot and done so much healing. You may be a deeply spiritual person, meditate regularly and doing yoga but still there is a missing something, the itch is there.

You may also have been truly overwhelmed for the last few years and going through quite dramatic changes in certain or all areas of your life. Maybe it was your choice, maybe it wasn't but in any case, you are just bewildered by everything that keeps unraveling for you.
You wonder when will life feel a little bit easier? You wonder if this is about karma or deeper healing of your wounds. When do you ground, when do feel at home within yourself and your life, like I mean all the way!!

Then you are in the right place beloved friend.
And let me tell you, you are not broken, you are not failing and you have not done anything wrong.

On the contrary, you are where you are meant to be, in an extremely potent cosmic moment, when you can indeed reach for the stars and express the fullness of your being.
You do not need to work harder at improving or healing yourself, you are just being upgraded to the next super version of yourself.
You are expanding, you are growing, you are giving birth to your soul light.

And here is how I can work with you:

I can support you and help you to unravel the process of transformation that has already started ( whether you are aware of it or not).
It does not matter where you are starting from, how much you know, or understand. If yo are utterly confused but know something is moving through you and you want to attend to that inner voice, that is perfect. If you are already a long way down the road but stuck somewhere, it works too. And if you are somewhere in the middle, hey join in too.

Let me tell you, I will not magically fix you even if this journey can turned out to be so utterly magical, you might never say again that unicorns are not real.
This is not hippie land either, I totally get the real world, aka the  current matrix,  in which we have to move and meet all kinds of challenges.
Hey, I am a mum, a daughter, a lover, a friend, a business woman..I get up and meet life everyday.
This is Earth School, I know it well and have been put through a seriously thorough training with my own challenges.
But I also know what lies beyond the current matrix when we break free and step into higher levels of consciousness.

If you are to take a quantum leap, you are going to have to jump in, put your own energy in the process, show up by choosing yourself as the ultimate priority rather than handing over your vulnerable, confused self to another in hope that they give you all your answers and make you feel better.
It just does not work like that because at one point or another you need to step in too.
Not in the way of pushing, controlling, forcing, going to more workshops, trainings, reading more books but in the way of softening, slowing down, becoming present and opening to what is unfolding with curiosity.
Yes we are not meant to do it all alone, and it is totally ok to be supported and helped but we are mindful of our expectations and whether we are stepping in from a place of victimhood or a place where we are ready to take responsibility for ourselves.

It is time to revisit healing and therapy and know that you have full power to heal & create yourself.
And this is what we do together, we break free of the old matrix, your cultural, ancestral, family conditioning.
We keep unlearning, shedding, taking the weed out.
We turn towards ourselves, nourish and reconnect to our essence.

We open to our inner knowing and inner power.
We unleash the feminine energy and rebalance our masculine.
We open to our deepest desires and let life move through us.

We dont wait for perfection anymore, we start living, breathing, enjoying, creating.
I invite you to breathe into this awesome possibility even if this has not been your life so far. Go on Breathe, receive this..

So you get it, this is team work, I mentor you and champion you but the process is guided by your very own ultimate CEO, your higher self and the beloved unconditionally loving team of higher intelligence that I channel and work with, including the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, The Luminous Star beings, the Divine Mother & Father, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Feminine frequency.