Oracle of Delphine
She Who Knows

Young Adults Mentorship

Beloved Young Adult & Star Seeds

If you have felt lost, confused, isolated, misunderstood, do not despair.

If you have felt out of place, as if from another world, do not despair.

If you have felt that you did not know which path to take,

 uninspired by our current education system, do not despair,

If you have longed for true friendship and soulmate love, do not despair,

for you were never meant to follow the olden ways,

You were always the chosen ones,

You were always meant to be the visionary, architect and creators of a new paradigm

You were always going to be the light and heart of the New World.

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At this time of great transition, we ask you to remember, to fully wake up to who you truly are, your beautiful potential, your light, your wisdom, your beauty and your joy, for you are precious and you are needed.

I invite you to discover my sacred offering for Young Adults, the visionary creative mind and star-seeds who are to become the architects of a New Earth. You may think '' that is not me'' in this now moment, but it is indeed you and you are most likely ready to bloom from chrysalis into butterfly. It does not matter how clueless or lost you may feel, trust that you are in the right place and that your soul has called in the help and support you need to take the next step on your jounrey.

Young Adult Mentorship

Returning to your Essential Self

This Mentorship programme is part of my service to the New Earth and something I am truly passionate about. I already have had the pleasure to guide and support some really beautiful young adults on their journey, whch has brought me great soul satisfaction.

I was once a teenager and young adult who felt very out of place in the world that I was growing up in.

I did not have a violent or traumatic childhood, was not deprived of shelter and love, or failed at school, In fact the opposite, and yet my inner landscape was a war zone, a land of devastation, of hurt and rejection, frustration, envy and despair.

There was nothing or no-one to blame in particular, so I deeply believed that there was something that must have been wrong with me.

I was failing at life, I was failing at happiness, I was failing at love. 

Although I kept doing well in my outer life, accumulating degrees and masters, living abroad, financially independent. There was so much that was missing.

I lacked confidence and self-esteem and often felt totally overwhelmed by the depth of my emotions and my hyper sensitive nature. And then one day, in my mid twenties, something big happened that changed my life for ever.

Everything collapsed in my life, I left my well paid job in banking and went to heal and recover the pieces of my soul that had been lost and fragmented through out time.

I sang myself back to life and recovered my joy and my gifts. I also became a mother and promised myself that I would do everything in my capacities to allow my children to stay close to their true nature and to let their soul guide the way.

It became natural for me to want to support teens and young adult on their journey to discover their true self, their gifts and talent but also learn to unplug from fear based conditioning, master their emotions and mind to unleash their creative power.

As the Oracle, I bring forth the wisdom, guidance and compassion that allows you to remember who you are in truth, to walk as the master that you are destined to become.
Together we open up sacred space and raise the vibration for you to finally transmute any old conditionings that would keep you muddled and stuck in your life.

  • I truly see you and hear you.
  • I mirror your soul beauty back to you, revealing your magnificence.
  • I illuminate your darkest places with Love,
  • I know where you are hurting, angry, frustrated or numb
  • I will hold the light until you can turn towards yourself and reconnect.
  • until you choose yourself as the most important person in your life,
  • until you will deeply trust your own inner knowing,
  • and start to see that you were meant to light up the earth with your gifts.