Oracle of Delphine
She Who Knows

Young Adults Mentorship

Sacred Rebels

Beloved One,

If you have felt lost, confused, isolated, misunderstood, do not despair.

If you have felt out of place, as if from another world, do not despair.

If you have felt that you did not know which path to take,

uninspired by that which was offered to you as education or career prospect

do not despair,

If you have longed for love and intimacy, true friendships and soulmate love

do not despair,

for you were never meant to follow the olden ways,

You were always the chosen ones,

You were always meant not to fit in, to break down the old and create the new structures of the golden age.

You were always going to be the light and heart of the New World.


Sacred Rebels Words of Praise